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Blonde Steal Your Soul Zoas
The fraternal twin to our Green Steal Your Soul, definitely related but just different enough. Here'..

Tyree Green Polyp Purple Toadstool
These toadstools are incredibly striking from far away and up close!  Their bright gree..

Black Hole Sun Zoas
This is a new zoa which is arguably our favorite one at the moment.  Sw..

Black Magic Mushrooms
We call these “black magic” because under white light, they are relatively unremarkable dark grey bu..

Burgers Birdsnest Colony
These are 100% aquacultured colonies that are hardy, healthy, and ready for your tank!   ..

Euphoric Euphyllia
This Euphyllia is probably a hammer coral and possibly a torch-hammer hybrid.  It is screaming ..

Euphoric Euphyllia Colony
  We have been growing these beautiful euphyllias hidden away at ReefGen for years!  It..

Fuzzy Elephant Mushrooms
This is a long time favorite of ours but we only recently started propagating it.  Perfect roun..

Ghost Orchid Stylophora
They're finally back!! Like its namesake, this is a very rare and very desirable variant of our a..

Ginger's Yellow Tubastrea  CAPTIVE BRED
Ginger's Yellow Tubastrea   Joe Yaiullo has been breeding tubastrea since 1993 and w..

Hot Box 16 Frag Pack
Ships in our new SMALL boxes! The Hot Box Frag Pack  is our sweet and simple solution to tha..

Inception Alveopora
The Inception Alveopora is a new strain of LPS we have been culturing for many years now.  ..

Jack-O-Labrynth Leptoseris
Everything is sexier in pinstripes, and this Lepto is no exception. Bright Nantucket Red stripes mel..

Legacy Julian's Golden Gorgonian
This beautiful photosynthetic gorgonian originated from Julian Sprung’s infamous reef tank in his Fl..

Legacy Purple Plexaura Gorgonian
These are deep purple PHOTOSYNTHETIC gorgonians that need no supplementary feedings.  They..

Leng Sy Monti Cap
Leng Sy Green Monti w/ Purple Rim Colony Joe’s tank has several of these beautiful plating corals..

My Funny Valentine PE Paly
Large flat polyps with a fascinating pink and purple combination.  This..

Neon Green Capnella
We love this bright green capnella for its intense neon color and beautiful shape.  This hardy ..

Neon Green Lobophytum Leather
A gorgeous neon green Lobophytum sp. that has a sharply mounding shape with nice long polyps.  ..

Neon-Yellow Reidi-Erectus Hybrid Seahorses -- ONLY A FEW LEFT!
They are finally back!   ReefGen is proud to now offer these incredibly rare and beautiful ..

Purple Death Palythoa
We love our death palys, and this classic is no exception.  We pride ourselves on having a part..

Purple Midas Touched People Eater Paly
This is a new paly which is incredibly unique and beautiful.  It f..

Rabbit Hole Zoas
These Zoas look remarkably similar to a favia, but not just any favia, they look incredibly similar ..

Rasta Zoas (PER POLYP)
We have been agonizing over our Rasta’s growth rates for over 3 years waiting to have enough..

ReefGen Rainbow Capezzoli BTA
These beautfiul bubble tips are gorgeous explosions of color under all lighting.  They are name..

Reverse Superman Monti
Bright Pink encrusting monti with deep purple polyps. A rare color combo in the coral world! ..

Rich Ross True Tyree Monti undata
Rich Ross' original wild caught gorgeous Monti undata, which has made it's way into the Tyree lineag..

Sea Foam Alveopora
The Sea Foam Alveopora is a strain of LPS we have been culturing for many many years now, but w..

Superduperman Zoas
Brilliant contrast between the scarlet red rims and deep blue centers, this zoanthid has been carefu..

Twinkle Twinkle People Eater Colony
This Paly is a lovely variety from the People Eater group.  Twinkle Twinkle is prized for its d..

Ultra Cerulean Purple Tip Acro
ULTRA Cerulean Purple Tip Stag Frag These purple tip stags are rare because Joe is so protective ..

Watermelon Galaxy Favia
Favias don’t get much more colorful than this stunning green and pink beauty.  It's spa..

WYSIWYG Large SanJoe Purple Milka Stylo
WYSIWYG 3.5"  XL Purple Milka Stylo This milka is a large beauty grown from a 1” frag and we..

XL Neon Green Schiemer Sinularia Colony
  XL Neon Green Schiemer Sinularia Colony A classic and colorful softy, the green sinul..

Yellow Ornate Lined Seahorses
Order Minimum:  2 Seahorses  The Yellow Ornate Lined Seahorses, are captive bred..

Legacy Yellow Scrolling Turbinaria
This turbinaria comes from a 5-foot-diameter captive grown colony on the east side of the reef. Thes..

Green Astroturf Goniopora
Justin's Green Astroturf Goniopora stutchburyi is probably the hardiest and fastest grow..

Joe's Green Protopalys
 We have these very slow growing Protopaly grandis that have been in cultivation for decades, b..

Live Grass Shrimp
New Lower Price!! (Palaemonetes vulgaris) These highly nutritious shrimp are native throu..

Scrambled Eggs Zoas
These striking zoas hale from Mr. Josh Saul and are Laura's favorite.  They are incredibly fluo..

Ventura Clove Polyp - Colony
This beautiful specimen of Clove polyp sports bright orange stripes on its feathery tentacles, and a..

Ventura Clove Polyp - Frags
This beautiful specimen of Clove polyp sports bright orange stripes on its feathery tentacles, and a..

10"  WYSIWYG Sprung Stunner Vase
10” WYSIWYG Sprung Stunner Vase This colony is a coral art piece.  A perfect enormous r..

6.5"  WYSIWYG Confusa-godes Monti
6.5" WYSIWYG Confusa-godes Colony A Monti featuring the classic Spongodes coloring, but the growt..

8"  WYSIWYG Joe’s Big Brown Sinularia
WYSIWYG Joe’s Big Brown Sinularia   This cool sinularia grows to impressive 12” tall colo..

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