Joe's 20,000G Stonies

These enormous reef-building beauties have all been growing in the Long Island Aquarium’s 20,000 gallon reef for over a decade.  Some colonies are over 20 years old!  Several colonies have diameters ranging from 2 to 6 feet across.  RG Legacy Stonies include classics like frags from Joe’s massive Turbinaria colony as well as secretive colonies tucked away from the front viewing window like the Orchid Stylo, which is 2-feet in diameter on Joe’s “back reef.”  Take home a piece of history with these hardy time-tested gems.

Eclectus Micromussa
    One of Joe’s favorite cherry picks from years ago, this stunning little Micromus..

Ghost Orchid Stylophora
They're finally back!! Like its namesake, this is a very rare and very desirable variant of our a..

Ginger's Yellow Tubastrea  CAPTIVE BRED
Ginger's Yellow Tubastrea   Joe Yaiullo has been breeding tubastrea since 1993 and w..

J and L’s Orchid Stylo
This is Laura’s favorite coral which features a fluorescent green base, purple polyps, and hot pink ..

Legacy Green Titan Acro
  THE original ReefGen acro, derived from the huge centerpiece colony in Joe’s 20,000 gallon..

Legacy Purple Eye Green Lithophylon
Featuring fluorescent green body and purple eyes. Litho’s are an unusual member of the Fun..

SanJoe's Purple Milka Stylophora
This milka classic dates back to early days of Sanjay and Joe’s travels to Europe.  Milkas have..

Sprung Stunner Chalice
One of the original collectible chalice corals and named after reefing legend Julian Sprung, Joe has..

Turbinaria peltata Frags
It’s like an adorable PLATING duncan. Irresistible. ..

Fanta Smash Acan Echinata
  An old strain of Acanthastrea echinata popular througout the hobby, we were only too happy..

Legacy Yellow Porites
Ah, Porites. Easily one of the most underappreciated small polyp corals, but it shouldn't be!  ..

Legacy Yellow Scrolling Turbinaria
This turbinaria comes from a 5-foot-diameter captive grown colony on the east side of the reef. Thes..

Legacy Pachyseris Unchained
This is a very rare neon green plating LPS. Its name means elephant skin, let's unleash th..

Montipora Confusa-godes
A Monti featuring the classic Spongodes coloring, but the growth seems a tad more on the Confusa sid..

Perseid Cyphastrea
Similar to the Meteor Shower Cyphastrea, our strain has a turquoise background with high contrast sa..

10"  WYSIWYG Sprung Stunner Vase
10” WYSIWYG Sprung Stunner Vase This colony is a coral art piece.  A perfect enormous r..

Blue Ocean Stylophora
Blue polyps floating on a gold-green base.  Joe’s tank features a 20” colony of this beauty.&nb..

Legacy Green Stylo
Joe's Green Stylophora Size: ~3/4"         ~1.25"+ ..

Burger’s Birdsnest
Joe Burger had the mother colony of this beauty in his famous Long Island reef tank, and during a vi..

Joe's Blue Tip Stuber Acro
Throughout Joe’s massive tank can be found veritable thickets of this forest green staghorn Acro, te..

Legacy Pink and Green Pocillopora
These little beauties thrive throughout Joe’s tank. They range from hot pink to deep green depending..

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