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Blonde Steal Your Soul Zoas
The fraternal twin to our Green Steal Your Soul, definitely related but just different enough. Here'..

Alpha Centauri Zoas
Sizes: Small:  ~3-4 polyps Medium: ~7-10 polyps ..

Black Hole Sun Zoas
This is a new zoa which is arguably our favorite one at the moment.  Sw..

Burger's Purple Portal Zoa
These fat big-eyed beauties are stunning under all lighting! Originating from famous reef ta..

Glacial Inferno Zoas
A new take on the popular Fire and Ice zoanthid, these spectacular zoanthids are another of Justin's..

Helm’s Deep Paly
A huge spectacular palythoa, like a striped Shining Armor with a friggin’ laser beam coming out of i..

My Funny Valentine PE Paly
Large flat polyps with a fascinating pink and purple combination.  This..

Portal Punk Zoas
These cornflower blue babies are striped with contrasting layers of ..

Purple Death Palythoa
We love our death palys, and this classic is no exception.  We pride ourselves on having a part..

Purple Midas Touched People Eater Paly
This is a new paly which is incredibly unique and beautiful.  It f..

Purple People Eater Palys
Similar to the original lineage of PPE’s, this palythoa shares everything awesome about the “Pe..

Rabbit Hole Zoas
These Zoas look remarkably similar to a favia, but not just any favia, they look incredibly similar ..

Rasta Zoas (PER POLYP)
We have been agonizing over our Rasta’s growth rates for over 3 years waiting to have enough..

Red People Eaters
The Red People Eaters are a great variation of the popular, People Eater Palythoa morphology.  ..

Reverse Blue Eyed Blondie Zoas
Dynamic colored stunners, looking different yet equally brilliant under a variety of lighting. Brigh..

Smoldering Cauldron Zoas
We love these fast growing gorgeous zoanthids. Flaming red skirt, bright blue rime, and a yellow/pin..

Star Saphire Zoas
Mined from the depths of ReefGen’s gem troughs, this exquisite zoant..

Superduperman Zoas
Brilliant contrast between the scarlet red rims and deep blue centers, this zoanthid has been carefu..

Twinkle Twinkle People Eater
This Paly is a lovely variety from the People Eater group.  Twinkle Twinkle is prized for its d..

Twinkle Twinkle People Eater Colony
This Paly is a lovely variety from the People Eater group.  Twinkle Twinkle is prized for its d..

Ultra Eagle Eye Zoanthid
Size: ~4 polyps    Small ~7-10 polyps    Medium ..

Ultra Shining Armor Paly
These glow with an intense salmon brilliance, with the big size Palys are favored for. Gorgeous. ..

Ultra Smoldering Cauldron Zoas
Why “ultra?”   These special beauties have evolved flaming florescent red skirts with orbi..

Ultra Zoa Combo Frag
Ultra Zoa Combo Frag We have meticulously combined our most coveted aquacultured zoanthids on our..

Vulcan Blood Zoas
A stunning zoa with glowing green and blue layers. Any mind meld will tell you the impact these zoas..

Portal Zoas
Frilly green tentacles surround a blue-purple disc and bright orange mouths. Lovely large zoas that ..

Joe's Green Protopalys
 We have these very slow growing Protopaly grandis that have been in cultivation for decades, b..

Nuclear Green Death Palys
These large death palys are an incredibly gamma-irradiated fluorescent green, with a ring of hungry ..

Pink Mohawk Zoas
These large pink zoas have the most delicate pattern in our collection.  They feature a beautif..

Scrambled Eggs Zoas
These striking zoas hale from Mr. Josh Saul and are Laura's favorite.  They are incredibly fluo..

Joe’s Green Death Palys
These Death Paly’s earn their name well as they boldly blaze across Joe’s front ledge. Joe maintains..

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