ReefGen’s new WYSIWYG colonies offer the unique opportunity to own a “Piece of Joe’s Reef."  Really, it’s the opportunity to own a big piece, as these colonies range between 4-12” in diameter!  These giant coral colonies get so large as they are grown in Joe Yaiullo's famous 20,000G reef tank at the Long Island Aquarium. Joe has hand selected several of his prized “hobby sized” colonies (under 12”) and brought them to ReefGen for growout and sale.  He dives for up to 7-hours at a time aquascaping and maintaining his tank, and it is during these dives that Joe picks a few prize colonies.
What makes these really special is that they are all 100% aquacultured, which means it is all captive grown tissue and skeleton.  The advantage to aquacultured colonies is not just the marketing, the advantage is that they are hardier, more adaptable, and more reliable than wild collected colonies!  They are also the ONLY aquacultured XL coral colonies available on the market, because who else has 20,000G and 17 years of growout!?  A unique opportunity for an instant aquacultured reef tank, because waiting for frags to grow up is just not an option for some reef keepers!
We will be loading new WYSIWYG coral colonies weekly, but please let us know if you are looking for something in particular, and ReefGen will put it on our shopping list for Joe’s next dive in his tank.  We hope you and your clients can enjoy this fun XL aquaculture opportunity.  
Burger's Cerulean Blue Large Branch SALE!
Joe has done some heavy pruning of his tank of these beauties and we are excited to share th..

Burgers Birdsnest Colony
These are 100% aquacultured colonies that are hardy, healthy, and ready for your tank!   ..

Euphoric Euphyllia Colony
  We have been growing these beautiful euphyllias hidden away at ReefGen for years!  It..

Leng Sy Monti Cap
Leng Sy Green Monti w/ Purple Rim Colony Joe’s tank has several of these beautiful plating corals..

Tracy Morgonian Gorgonian Colony
Morgonian Gorgonians are named after their most celebrated owner, Tracy Morgan from “30 Rock.” ..

Twinkle Twinkle People Eater Colony
This Paly is a lovely variety from the People Eater group.  Twinkle Twinkle is prized for its d..

WYSIWYG Large Red Monti Cap Colony
WYSIWYG 6"  Red Monti Cap Colony   Joe’s reef is well known for its giant beautiful ..

WYSIWYG Large SanJoe Purple Milka Stylo
WYSIWYG 3.5"  XL Purple Milka Stylo This milka is a large beauty grown from a 1” frag and we..

XL Neon Green Schiemer Sinularia Colony
  XL Neon Green Schiemer Sinularia Colony A classic and colorful softy, the green sinul..

Pink Pom Pom Pulsing Xenia Colony
Our fluffy Pink Xenias pulse like crazy.  We adore these fuzzy xenia for their soft textur..

Ventura Clove Polyp - Colony
This beautiful specimen of Clove polyp sports bright orange stripes on its feathery tentacles, and a..

10"  WYSIWYG Sprung Stunner Vase
10” WYSIWYG Sprung Stunner Vase This colony is a coral art piece.  A perfect enormous r..

6.5"  WYSIWYG Confusa-godes Monti
6.5" WYSIWYG Confusa-godes Colony A Monti featuring the classic Spongodes coloring, but the growt..

8"  WYSIWYG Joe’s Big Brown Sinularia
WYSIWYG Joe’s Big Brown Sinularia   This cool sinularia grows to impressive 12” tall colo..

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