Acros and Montis

Bali Green Slimer Acropora
The 20,000G reef has been patiently growing these out for several years, and we finally have enough ..

Burger's Cerulean Blue Large Branch SALE!
Joe has done some heavy pruning of his tank of these beauties and we are excited to share th..

Burger's Cerulean Blue Stag
  One of our newest Acros, this strain also traces its way back to Joe’s tank after ..

Chuckys Revenge Acro
Chucky's Revenge Acro These neon green acros have such a great shape!  Reminds us of a ..

Joe's Hands Off Granny
  "Hands Off!" Has been Joe's catch phrase for this Acro granulosa/ lokani for years.  ..

Laura's Purple Acro
  Having followed Laura across the country from her previous life as a retail store owner in..

Legacy Green Titan Acro
  THE original ReefGen acro, derived from the huge centerpiece colony in Joe’s 20,000 gallon..

Leng Sy Monti Cap
Leng Sy Green Monti w/ Purple Rim Colony Joe’s tank has several of these beautiful plating corals..

Reverse Superman Monti
Bright Pink encrusting monti with deep purple polyps. A rare color combo in the coral world! ..

Rich Ross True Tyree Monti undata
Rich Ross' original wild caught gorgeous Monti undata, which has made it's way into the Tyree lineag..

TOP 6 Acros and Montis
Save time and money with our new TOP 6 Frag Packs featuring Justin and Laura's favorite picks from t..

Ultra Cerulean Purple Tip Acro
ULTRA Cerulean Purple Tip Stag Frag These purple tip stags are rare because Joe is so protective ..

Montipora Confusa-godes
A Monti featuring the classic Spongodes coloring, but the growth seems a tad more on the Confusa sid..

Purple TriColor Valida
  Another legacy strain known throughout the hobby that we’re proud to continue propagating...

6.5"  WYSIWYG Confusa-godes Monti
6.5" WYSIWYG Confusa-godes Colony A Monti featuring the classic Spongodes coloring, but the growt..

Joe's Blue Tip Stuber Acro
Throughout Joe’s massive tank can be found veritable thickets of this forest green staghorn Acro, te..

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