Ghost Orchid Stylophora
They're finally back!! Like its namesake, this is a very rare and very desirable variant of our a..

J and L’s Orchid Stylo
This is Laura’s favorite coral which features a fluorescent green base, purple polyps, and hot pink ..

SanJoe's Purple Milka Stylophora
This milka classic dates back to early days of Sanjay and Joe’s travels to Europe.  Milkas have..

TOP 6 Stylos, Poci's and Asst. SPS
TOP 6 Stylos, Poci's and Asst. SPS Save time and money with our new TOP 5 Frag Packs featuring Ju..

WYSIWYG Large SanJoe Purple Milka Stylo
WYSIWYG 3.5"  XL Purple Milka Stylo This milka is a large beauty grown from a 1” frag and we..

Blue Ocean Stylophora
Blue polyps floating on a gold-green base.  Joe’s tank features a 20” colony of this beauty.&nb..

Legacy Green Stylo
Joe's Green Stylophora Size: ~3/4"         ~1.25"+ ..

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