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Assorted Thin Encrusting Stony Corals with "P" and "L" Genuses

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Jack-O-Labrynth Leptoseris
Everything is sexier in pinstripes, and this Lepto is no exception. Bright Nantucket Red stripes mel..

Legacy Purple Eye Green Lithophylon
Featuring fluorescent green body and purple eyes. Litho’s are an unusual member of the Fun..

Orange Psammocora Tree
Orange Psammocora mounted on one of Justin's hand scultped, tree plugs.  Big, bright, and beaut..

TOP 6 ReefGen Frag Variety Pack
TOP 6 ReefGen Frag Variety Pack Save time and money with our new TOP 6 ReefGen Frag Variety ..

Yellow Yutz Psammocora
Bright yellow encrusting psammocora. This coral shines with the brightest flourescence that we ..

Orange Psammocora
A great velvety encrusting carpet of thin coral.  Stunning flourescent orange under LED’s. ..

Sarlacc Leptastrea
The Green Sarlacc Leptastrea is so named for its bizzarre Star Wars-esque toothy polyps.  This ..

Legacy Yellow Porites
Ah, Porites. Easily one of the most underappreciated small polyp corals, but it shouldn't be!  ..

Legacy Pachyseris Unchained
This is a very rare neon green plating LPS. Its name means elephant skin, let's unleash th..

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