Live Grass Shrimp

Live Grass Shrimp
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(Palaemonetes vulgaris)

These highly nutritious shrimp are native throughout brackish waters of the Atlantic.  These are NOT glass shrimp, which are freshwater.  Rather, these marine shrimp have a unique and superior marine nutrition profile that glass shrimp lack. These shrimp are a spectacular food for any picky marine fish, including butterflies, angels, and any big mouth predator.  A great way to get your newly imported fish eating when they are turning up their noses at frozen.  We also offer these shrimp frozen whole as a transition food to mysis and krill.  

We use these shrimp as the sole food to raise and condition our juvenile and adult cuttlefish. These shrimp come highly recommended as one of the best diets for dwarf cuttlefish, especially when conditioning cuttle broodstock for breeding.  We breed some of these shrimp behind the scenes. These shrimp are bulletproof-hardy and thrive with just basic biological filtration and any fish food you have handy.

  • Shipped in one 15" x 15" Box Bag with ~550 shrimp per order (depending on shrimp size)
  • 1/2”- 1.5” assorted grass shrimp (usually ~1.25")

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