Ultra 60x Frag Pack

Ultra 60x Frag Pack
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At ReefGen, we have over 200 frags to chose from that are all carefully propagated and raised here in our troughs behind the scenes at the Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center.  If you have specific preferences for every polyp that enters your shop, please enjoy chosing from our extensive list of corals and order "a la carte."  If you would rather that we cherry pick a batch of ReefGen favorite corals for you, then our Frag Packs are an easy and fun way to sample our best sellers.  We offer 10% off on these Frag Packs that we pick for you, but we also allow you to make a couple specific coral requests for a slightly customized Frag Pack of your chosing.  Happy Shopping!

Our Ultra Frag Pack features a full spectrum of our most popular frags between $7-$50.  This is great if you want the COMPLETE selection of ReefGen's most popular frags at a bargain price!  Our Ultra Frag Pack will include most of our best selling frags by including the $25-$50 frags (unlike the Supreme Frag Pack) so you will get a sampling of our most popular full sized Chalices, Acans, Leptoseris, Ultra Acros, Gonioporas and much more!  We added the Ultra Frag Pack to mirror our customers' ordering habits chosing diferent frag quantities and values on the proportion that is the most common in one of our typical $1,000 orders.  Another benefit of the Ultra Frag Pack is that it puts you in the order volume category that accesses our more rare frags we limit availability to customers with orders over $1,000, e.g., Red Daisy Stutchburyi, Limited Edition "Project" Corals (Like Justin's X, Y, Z, O, etc.)

Supreme 50x Frag Pack includes:

10 x $6.99 frags

10 x $9.99 frags

10 x $14.99 frags

10 x $19.99 frags

10 x $24.99 frags

5 x $30 frags

2 x $34.99 frags

2 x $40 frags

1 x $50 frag

= $1,000  (Normally $1,120 if handpicked.  With RG Picks you get ~12% off!)


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