Joe's Hands Off Granny

Joe's Hands Off Granny
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"Hands Off!" Has been Joe's catch phrase for this Acro granulosa/ lokani for years.  He has been delicately growing his own beautiful colony in his 20,000G reef tank for many years with zero fragging allowed.  I don't know how ReefGen got a peice, but it's a privilege we don't take lightly.  We have a VERY limited supply, to put it mildly, but we couldn't resist sharing it with you all.  

Minimum Order: $1,000

Light Requirement: Mid to Low lighting. Can accept high light, but only when slowly acclimated to it.  

Flow Requirement: Moderate to High. the more chaotic and intermittent the better

Aggressiveness: Low, attempts to outpace the competition with quick growth

Difficult: Moderate to High, demands pristine water quality, the right lighting, and turbulent flow

Size: ~3/4" 


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