10" WYSIWYG Sprung Stunner Vase

10"  WYSIWYG Sprung Stunner Vase
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10” WYSIWYG Sprung Stunner Vase

This colony is a coral art piece.  A perfect enormous roseate that cups upwards like a vase.  Joe picked this beauty out as an incredible show piece.  Yes, we feel confident in how we will ship this safely in one piece!  The Sprung Stunner is named after its original owner, Julian Sprung. 

We dedicated multiple shots in this catalog for this Sprung Stunner WYSIWYG because its unique profile shape is as striking as its showy top side. Note the purple under-tissue growing healthy and strong so far down the vase.  This would be a spectacular corner piece in an XL tank!


10” Diameter   x  7" Tall!

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