Hot Box 16 Frag Pack

Hot Box 16 Frag Pack
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The Hot Box Frag Pack  is our sweet and simple solution to that moment when you say, "I don't know, just get me some nice frags."  ReefGen choses 16 of our best frags focusing on health, complimentary colors, diverse shapes, variety, and value.  Each of these frags a la cart varies in price, but this Hot Box simplifies pricing by giving you the option to average all their prices and price them the same, or to price them according to your perceived value.  The total for this frag pack reflects a ~20% discount off of these frags priced individually.  

Below is a list of some of the coral that we have available for the Hot Box each price category.  This list is a guide of what may be included in your frag pack, but not a guarantee.  Please feel free to request for certain genera of coral to be included or excluded (e.g., "no acros," or "lots of zoas.")  Typically, we aim to not include more than 3 sets of duplicate coral varieties, unless you request more duplicates.  Let us know if you would like more or less of any particular coral, but if you prefer to handpick each frag, please use our regular a la carte ordering system, not the Frag Packs. 

Hot Box Frag Pack Varieties:  Neon Orange Psammocoras, 1.25” Sprung Stunner Chalices, 1.25” Green or Blue Stylo, 1.25” Purple Milka Stylo, 1-2” Bali Green Slimer Acro, 1” Neon Green Kenya Trees, 5-polyp Ventura Clove Polyp, 1+” Green Titans, 1” Burgers Cerulean Blue Acro, Tri-Color Purple/Green Valida Acro, 1.5” Burgers Pink (or green) Birdsnest,  Tyree Green Polyp Toadstool 1.25”, Helm's Deep Paly's, 3 polyp: Joker Paly/ Blonde Steal Your Soul Zoa/ Ultra shining Armor or other ultra zoa, ¾” Orchid Stylos, 1-2” Neon Green Lobophyton, Green Astroturf Gonioporas, Monti Confusa-godes, Tyree Green Montis,  Purple Peony Shroom, 2” Golden Gorgonian (a couple branches), Turbinaria Peltata, Blood Red Monti Cap, 7-10 polyp zoas, Rich Ross Tyree True Monti undata, Reverse Superman Monti, Chucky’s Revenge Acro vermiculata, Euphoric Euphyllia, Sm. Green Gonioporas, Pink Reverse Superman Monti, 1-2” Laura's Purple Acro, Chucky’s Revenge Acro vermiculata, 1-2+” Crosette Inferno Mushroom, Project F Fungia (grey/pink with green tentacles and orange mouth,) Orange Delight Acan echinata, Euphoric Euphyllia 1 Big Head, 1+” Orchid Stylo, Grafted pink and green Pocilloporas, 2” (open) Sm. Green Gonioporas, Pink Reverse Superman Monti, 1.25” 


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