Add-On Lower Rack

Add-On Lower Rack
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This separate lower rack is designed to add width (front to back) to your frag rack system for people with wide frag tanks..  It is 6" x 12" wide, only has row label numbers (9-12) and will not label corals correctly without the two-tiered rack kit which has the lettered column labels.


Our custom frag racks have finally arrived!  At last, a way to clearly and easily label coral with an attractive coral display!  Our two-tiered ReefGen frag rack takes up approximately a 12”x 12” footprint, holds 64 frags, and comes with a labeling sign to hang outside the tank.   Thanks to the innovative manufacturing by One Mad Fish, our rack also boasts unique snap on legs that allow easy removal of frag plates for cleaning off of the supports.


This concept has been up on our white board (literally) for years as we have worked on a design that solves the problem of displaying and labeling our many unique varieties of coral.  Laura developed an alpha-numeric system that labels the rows and columns of the frag rack so that individual frags will have a number-letter code, like an Excel spreadsheet cell.   The frag’s number-letter code will correspond to the retailers’ label and price on our acrylic sign that hangs outside of the tank.  This allows the customer to unambiguously find the name and price of each frag without assistance. 


Not only is this system easy to use, but the frag rack is sexy as hell.  Our two-tiered frag racks have an etched ReefGen logo on the backsplash, advertising the 100% aquaculture brand, so customers can know immediately what they’re buying.   Shiny black acrylic plates, skirts, and backsplash all highlight the frags’ diversity and color.  Aesthetically and functionally, this is a huge step up from egg crate.  Our frag racks will display these precious, rare, and valuable aquacultured corals with the prestige that they deserve.


Our racks are also modular.   If you have an especially wide frag tank (front to back,) then you can buy an à la carte lower racks to add in front of the two-tiered rack.  You can also order additional labeling signs if you plan to carry more than ~30 varieties on each two-tiered rack.  We have found that each labeling sign can fit about 30 handwritten coral labels, but more are possible if you use a label maker.   We highly recommend buying an additional set of frag plates that you can use to swap out dirty plates, which prevents leaving your frags homeless during a rack cleaning period.  This  two-set method is how we keep decor clean and always on display at the Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center.  Just drop the coralline spotted plate into bleach or vinegar, then rinse it off at leisure when it’s time to swap out the next spotted set.


These custom racks are still in production, so please allow ~3-days of lead time before shipping.

Rack Specifications:  

  • Dimensions: 12”
  • Capacity to hold 64 Frags! 
  • Alpha-numeric rack labels to easily track names and prices like a spreadsheet.
  • Two frag plate levels for attractive and accessible viewing
  • Branded ReefGen backsplash
  • Labelling  sign included (great with “Chalk Markers”)
  • Best positioned in a tank slightly below eye-level
  • Ships flat with easy snap-together assembly instructions
  • Top plates easy to remove and clean.  Get two sets of plates for a handy clean-and-replace routine without disrupting the frag display. 


  • 1 Complete Rack Kit:
    • Two-tiered Rack including plates, legs, backsplash and skirt
    • Labeling sign
  • À la carte lower level racks for wide frag tanks
  • Additional label signs
  • Replacement frag plates (no legs)

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