Tracy Morgonian Gorgonian Colony

Tracy Morgonian Gorgonian Colony
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Morgonian Gorgonians are named after their most celebrated owner, Tracy Morgan from “30 Rock.”  These gorgonians earned this name when Tracy Morgan was visiting the aquarium, and while marveling over Joe's giant gorgonian colonies, he exclaimed that they were his favorite coral at the aquarium!  This is Joe’s most abundant gorgonian filling his tank with several enormous three foot colonies.  Despite its most recent namesake, this gorgonian is the oldest coral lineage that Joe owns.  This coral originated in Joe's care when Joe's first son was born in 1990!  Now that's what you call a coral legacy!

Morgonians are most likely a Pseudoplexaura sp. and are are about 50% thicker than the purple Plexaura sp and grow much taller. We love them for their flowing beauty. Like all our gorgonians, Morgonians are fully photosynthetic although they feed aggressively on cyclops and other zooplankton.

Large: ~6" ~5-branch Colony

Extra Large: ~8" Multi-branch colony

Mega: ~12" Multi-branch colony


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